THE Raptor Stand

“Wheel Stand by you.”

How Does it Work?

Why the Raptor Stand over a conventional kickstand?

The raptor sand is a universal stand that requires no adjustment or special attachments like a conventional stand. The raptor stand is a kickstand originally designed for high performance cyclists who don’t have kickstands on their bikes for safety or weight reasons. It keeps bikes from leaning against garage walls potentially denting car doors and it keeps bikes from hanging from the wall or ceiling and becoming part of your house. It is proven that when a bike is stored on a wall or ceiling you are less likely to use it.

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About Us
Jim designed the stand modeled after an old high wheel kickstand as pictured below. The name raptor stand comes from the idea that each side of the stand resembles a raptor stand. Each stand is built in Middlebury, Indiana in an Amish Machine shop. I am Jacob pictured on the far left, I came into the picture when Jim reached out to me to try and reach the market in a different way. I am currently a High School Student and will be graduating this summer!
Our plans for the future include new bicycle-related innovations and more. A purchase here is an investment in the future of Bicycle Creations!